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Ache Sache Rishtey is also known by its website name

Ache Sache Rishtey is helping out families who are looking for perfect matches for their offspring.we are building families and maintaining the relationships since 1993. Authenticity is our prime virtue,the realness of people and their particulars should be there,we focus that our clients make multiple checks before giving commitments to each other families so that both the families can have the long-term bond and appreciation can be received to Ache Sache Rishtey

Our utmost focus is on clients preference for the match,we share only limited & suitable selected matches,sharing infinite profiles just for the sake of sharing is not at  all acceptable to us.we share particulars only after making accurate matches which a mindful task.

we want our prospect clients to understand few important things before joining us so that we can make appropriate matches for them and can arrange their marriages with the one for whom they are waiting and can stick around for their lifetime.
  1. Viewings unlimited profiles will not solve your purpose of marriage.
  2. We can Share "N" number of profiles according to your basic criteria,but will it help because ultimately you are going to marry "One" and he and she will meet you at destined time and place.
  3. Don't hurry up for your marriage,it's all about luck and destiny (Whether You accept it or not,I have experienced & will share with you some other time) :)
  4. Study each and every profile in detail we give you a complete info. looking generally on particulars is not what we want from you,meet family & then decide. 
  5. Ahh..Looks we know that it matters to u and to all but is this you only looking upon in your life-partner ?
    If Yes...then fine if you have enough personality and good looks you can have a similar looking match for you.
    & if No...then my dear ones we can make perfect matches for you.

Join us through Whatsapp your particulars 


Email us your particulars: 

Meeting Centre:   Ache Sache RishteyTm
E-16/34,  Rohini,Sector-8  Delhi-110085

So we welcome you all and our best wishes with you always may you get your perfect match as soon as you want. ;)


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