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"Forget Me Not..."

Matrimonialvivah wants everybody to focus on issue facing by many married couples which ultimately leads to "The End Of Marriage"

Everyone is busy with their hectic schedule both husband and wife are tied up with their plans and meetings but what they forget about is the time they should spend with each other their own time of togtherness and most suprisingly they dont feel that loliness is entering in their life,they live for their family their children only so next time you see your spouse make them feel that you not forgetting them...."


There's a person who is married having two sweet children,caring and loving wife but he is having an affair with her neighbourhood lady who is having  two children ,her husband is captain in navy so cabt give time to her wife , BUT  can she justify her husband the trust he has upon her............?

There's a gal her father died when she was 18 she usually hangout with her male friends she has old mother now to take care of one little sister and one brother to care of..BUT now what she wants someone to hold her hand help her respect her and her family any justification of life for her.............??

There's a gal who got married 3 years ago her family's  financial condtion was very poor she used to love some guy and that guy was also serious for her but girl's family insisted her to marry a guy who is into well established business and earning handsome amount she got married after wards and now she has all the things which can be bought by money BUT her love life c…

About Matrimonialvivah

Matrimonial Business is at its peak in India and world wide. There is a wide choice available in the matrimonial category to choose from, it becomes a hectic task for the users to decide which matrimonial to opt. The emergence of a number of Matrimonial services with the advancement of technology has resulted in a rapid replacement of traditional matrimonial methods , because of the major merit that Matrimonial Services provide over traditional matrimonial ways. The only drawback of Online Matrimonial Sites is the authenticity of the profiles, as anybody can fill in any detail on an Online Matrimonial Site. But there is always the option of doing personalized checks on the selected person.  In Such a competitive scenario Matrimonialvivah enjoying its success since 1993 with its members and sharing ample profiles with them and overcame with this drawback of authenticity. Matrimonialvivah : Share your Particulars as well as your photograph with us for making perfect match for you or for y…