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Hoping from someone

HOPE....The biggest thing in this world. The word hope is to look forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence.
Right from the very beginning of our childhood our parents hope from us to become doctors, engineers and to achieve all the good things which is somewhere down the line is good for us but that little hope sometimes is injurious to relations. Simply put, hopes are things that we want to happen.  They may be likely to happen, or they may be unnecessary dreams that stretch our faith and imagination.
This hope plays a very vital role in our marriages in our love life and are known as unhealthy expectations.
These can be like if for eg : you like somebody and that person doesn't even know you and doesn't know anything about you and after you expect that person to like you and love you back that is unhealthy expectation. When people enter into the marriage relationship, they bring with them a large, multifaceted assortment of hopes and dreams that come from mul…