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Late Marriages or Delayed Marriages by Chance or by Choice!

Couples: Two individuals who meet & understand each other and after decide to tie in wedlock. Marriages are made in heaven, where, when the two will meet also depends upon almighty and sanjog. Matrimony service providers, like Matrimonialvivah has full faith in god that families who are associated with them is only because god has something or other have decided that is why we both are together, As well said , “Everything which happens, happens only for a reason”.
Couples who are together and who fall apart is not because they wanted it to be like that, it happens because that prime mover has something else for them. If we talk about the late marriages, Individuals who are still unmarried and have crossed the right age of marriage is not because they have not found the right match, it is because god has something great for them which is yet to come.
Brides and grooms who are in their thirties are delayed marriage cases. Delayed marriage or a late marriage is a common phenomenon n…