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Marriage Meeting of Two Minds

Meeting of two minds: Two souls who are living together, sharing their lives, their daily routine, their happiness and sorrows interest are couples who are tied in a knot of holy matrimony. Marriage is not only about two lives coming in a close relationship its all about how you maintain that bond.
How to establish understanding between each other and a sense of togetherness for a blissful wedding. This requires a few things if one tries to follow them life can be much more lively. One thing which one should keep in mind and stay away from is “EGO” - the “I” or self of any person. This is so unhealthy feeling if one adopts it in his/her life can result into very serious issue. Some points one should kept in mind which can establish a harmony between two couples can be:
1)      Patience: Have a calm attitude towards each other maintain a state of composure, try to control yourself and your temper, try to minimize your frustration, maintain work-life balance and for this you need to quiet …