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Few Tips for First Meeting Arranged for Marriage.

All set for your first meeting arranged by your family? No net yet still confused nervous and thinking what will happen when you too meet, what to ask him/her, how to initiate the talk with a person who could be possibly your soul-mate, how to react and respond  to all the questions asked as first impression is the last impression. These all mind-boggling question might be popping-up in your head while meeting with your preferred partner. Now sit back and relax here are few grooming tips and techniques which can help you out and you can decide upon whether to say yes to the person or not.

Two points to be considered at first meeting of to be groom and bride.
  1. What to talk about?
  2. How to decide after the talk?

To know each other better start the conversation with general topics and in which both can share comfort level and play the role in breaking the silence. Meeting first time someone and when that someone could be possibly your life-partner can give you goose bumps. So start a normal conversation which can be like talking about hobbies, Favourite time pass, may be your interest level matches here and this can lead to beautiful start, next topic could be about Education what is the qualification what you about think about any plans for further study of to be bride these all can be discussed which can lead to Career and professional one can get to know the aims and achievements of one another and how important the career goals of the other person are, Dreams and wishes can be discussed this will tell you about the inner self of the person, if you find the interaction with person interesting you can move next to the topic of family values, Which is very much crucial what is the idea of family whether nuclear or joint what is the idea of relationships with one another. If all the things are going in right direction and you both sharing a good rapport with each other then you can ask him/her if any likings in past or present if comfortable in sharing the views next could be the kids because you too must be mature enough to discus about future planning because you too are here for your marriage and this is important to discuss what you too think about how you want it to be like in near future. Essential aspect for livelihood is the Earnings and income you too should discuss it about in detail what are the sources and what can be done to increase the earnings so that you both can have a higher standard of living. Other topics could be Lifestyle because this is the main aspect how one lives and enjoys his/her life. What are the views on religion what are the beliefs? What about their own family about their parents’ what’s the outlook of their life. These all points can help you out in your first arranged meeting which you can discuss about and can make yourself as well as the other person to have nice conversation and you both can decide upon whether to have next meeting or not. Matrimonialvivah tips can make your first meeting fruitful and you can judge and choose your partner according to your preference and according to your choice we just wish you good luck.

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