Someone special birthday i guess its a birthday month december everyday i am wishing someone or the other,from vry begining my one of friend got birth so i have to wish him casually on whatsapp so that he may not feel tht i forgot and actullay thanks to the social app for reminding me then the other day there was a birthday of that someone special for which i was waiting and that was really special which i will share later on....♥ then it carried on with some more birthdays on which i have to be very sweet ...
I think these all birthdays are not just in my life you also facing my question which i actually wanted to ask as i am asking  indirectly with a wink is why we all are wishing our friends, rekatives only just for the sake of it why not wishing them with love♥♡♥
The day seems to be so special for everyone then why hoping best for yourself and not for others...??
Birthdays are so beautiful if you wish someone with love they will surely give u something in return may be their love,and best be kind and be haappy on birthday's.


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