Sleeping relationships

I dont'know whether i should write this or not but yes i am writing it i don't know whats going on these days boys and girls why are they not respecting their partners,giving space is ok but trying to misuse that space is not.
Today girls and boys are so open-minded that they know that for a successful relationship they both have to cooperate with each other,they both have to make their partners comfortable in their zones but the fact is that they are spoiling the trust and love between each other.
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I know this couple who recently got married and yes it was a love marriage they both were into so much love that a girl doesn't even listen to her closest friend whenever her friend tries to talk to her about her boyfriend she just ignores the things she was very much sure about his character,so this goes on and on but she never pays attention to her friends and there comes a wedding day,she was very happy offcourse months passed now the girl has realised her friends were so true about her husband,she is having a doubt of "extra marital affair",now what kinda relationship it is ? you loved that girl man how can you cheat on her ?
she gave you love ,space, importance over friends and now she deserves this cry bullshit.
Please guys this is not what space,trust means.This relationship is sleeping relationship.
Give it a try.Make it worth.I just wanted you all to try and fix up your relationship your marriage.
when i was writing this one of my friend asked me what i was doing i said blogging on an issue,so he just asked what should be done to avoid this so i think little bit of my own and answer was
♥Talk to each other
♥Understand your partner
In between when i was thinking,he said "yehi to karta nahi hai koi","nobody follow this".they just argue,fight and as a result  misunderstandings and more misunderstandings.
So what can be the solution guys :
Couples you should learn by your  mistakes .The path is not easy.  It takes two people working together, not just one.
We tend to forget we need to communicate with each other and really listen to what the other one has to say.  When we all first get into a relationship or get married it is romantic and we are trying to do the best to impress each other.  As life goes by and more issues come with being in a relationship, then we tend to look at each other a little differently.  Things that didn’t bother us before now seem to irritate us to death!  There my friends has started the process of sleeping relationships.Avoid this situation.


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