Marriage: A Social Bond

From the last very few weeks i am thinking about Marriage,shaadi,mother-in law,household works,(khanna banana),my professional issues in between,how will i manage all these things after my marriage,its not a such big issue for you but for me its like what...???
What will happen ...??
What about my future...?
what about my job...?
Most importantly what about me??
Am i ready for this "Social bond",where i have to marriage all the things,Husband creature,mother in lawWith respect,and the breakfast ,lunch ,dinner issues which my mom deals with daily,i have already started realising how hectic it is for my mother to deal with all these stuffs,and in retur what she excpects is our good our health.
Ahh,,Mother is equal to angel,Coming back to the topic ,Marriage I know i will be getting married sooner or later but the idea of marriage is so tempting as a phrase says:
Shaadi ka Ladoo,Jo khaye ,wo pacchtay,jio na khaye wo pacchtaye,,Ha Ha Ha ...!!
So everybody out there who are thinking about "Marriage".

Keep Calm and share views.


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