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Secrets to a Great Marriage

1. Think before you speak
People in marriages tend to have very "hot" buttons causing frequent arguments. One reason for this is that the boundaries that exist at the workplace or with friends and relatives do not exist in a marriage. Much of marital bickering can be lessened or mitigated if you wait before you respond to something that has made you angry. If you think for even five seconds before you respond, the amount of marital bickering will be greatly reduced. It may be better to discuss the difficult issue on another day when the emotions are not so high. You can broach the topic (at that later time) by saying, "Dear, I have some unfinished business to discuss with you. May we discuss it now?"
2. Don't give up
If you ask any married person, he or she will tell you that marriages wax and wane. There are good times, bad times, and even middle times. A marriage is viable if the good outweighs the bad, even by a little bit. Appreciate the good and try to let th…

Trust and Time builds Beautiful Relations

Relationships can be so beautiful if handled with love, care and calmness. Relationship is between two people, two which are meant to be together forever.
The most important factor to build a lovely and beautiful relation is Trust, Trust is something that you have to gain and build. It cannot be sold or purchased, one has to earn it and maintain it. Similarly, Marriages and Matrimonial Service providers like tries to build this beautiful relation among and with their clients, we know building trust is not an easy task, it is a matter of fact which takes time but once developed, it should be maintained, proper understanding, patience and time is required. One should understand the needs and emotions of the concern person. One should try to give respect and love to each other emotions.

Relations are made between two persons, it can be personal or professional relation, Matrimonialvivah helps in making personal relationship between two persons and between their familie…

Late Marriages or Delayed Marriages by Chance or by Choice!

Couples: Two individuals who meet & understand each other and after decide to tie in wedlock. Marriages are made in heaven, where, when the two will meet also depends upon almighty and sanjog. Matrimony service providers, like Matrimonialvivah has full faith in god that families who are associated with them is only because god has something or other have decided that is why we both are together, As well said , “Everything which happens, happens only for a reason”.
Couples who are together and who fall apart is not because they wanted it to be like that, it happens because that prime mover has something else for them. If we talk about the late marriages, Individuals who are still unmarried and have crossed the right age of marriage is not because they have not found the right match, it is because god has something great for them which is yet to come.
Brides and grooms who are in their thirties are delayed marriage cases. Delayed marriage or a late marriage is a common phenomenon n…

Matrimonial Services in Delhi

Marriage is not the end of love it is the beginning of the most incredible journey. A right partner can make the whole life beautiful. Gone are those days where finding a perfect partner was a tedious job. Today we see a change in the system of marriage where young girls and boys select their partners of their choice and the best part is that the elders are also welcoming this change. It is the emergence of a new era where matrimonial sites have completely changed this fate. Individuals enroll their profile into these websites to find their perfect match.
The most renowned Matrimonial websites ensure complete privacy of your information. When you pick a profile of your choice that will offer an open door for you and your family to discuss with them. You may simplify or rearrange your search, religion, educational qualifications, caste or other specifications. At present this system is being widely accepted by the society and families as well as individuals find it most suitable way to …

Significance of Choosing the Right Outfit for the Groom

So you have discovered each other at outstanding amongst other Matrimonial Vivah Sites India and now are interested to choose the best outfit for the most anticipated day? India is a nation of fluctuated customs and societies thus the outfits also. Each convention has an alternate outfit for the particular event. Sherwani is an image of combination of rich and conventional style with imperial advancement. As wedding is a rich conventional event, most grooms choose to pick the privilege Sherwani for the most promising day of their life. Obviously, much the same as the lady of the hour, they likewise need to resemble a lord of the kingdom on their big day and what will be best other than a customary Sherwani equip. Customarily, Sherwani is a long tunic, knee-length coat same like Achkan. The outfit has a skintight on the abdominal area and small flaring in its lower half. The originators offer a superb gathering of the outfit in various shades, textures, and plans amid the wedding seaso…

Matrimonial Vivah Building Family Relations Since 1993

Since 1993 is providing shaadi and matrimonial services irrespective of caste and creed. The services are provided only keeping in mind the preference and requirement of an individual customer or client, basically we can say Matrimonial Vivah focuses on a concept “customer is a king”. We are customer-oriented. Shaadi and match-making services are not only about providing matches to the clients just for sharing the profiles, it’s about sharing profiles according to the requirements and preferences of to be brides and grooms.
Most important factor which is needed to be considered is the family background of the concerned client as family is the prime consideration for all. If all these things are in their place then match can be made and next step of sharing the profiles can be taken. Transparency in matches and in dealings is the main consideration for Matrimonial Vivah.
We focus on each and every detail provided to us our intention is to work only with genuine profi…

Matrimonial Services in Delhi India

There is a wide choice available in the matrimonial category to choose from, it becomes a hectic task for the users to decide which matrimonial to opt. The emergence of a number of Matrimonial services with the advancement of technology has resulted in a rapid replacement of traditional matrimonial methods, because of the major merit that Matrimonial Services provide over traditional matrimonial ways. The only drawback of Online Matrimonial Sites is the authenticity of the profiles, as anybody can fill in any detail on an Online Matrimonial Site. But there is always the option of doing personalized checks on the selected person. In Such a competitive scenario Matrimonialvivah enjoying its success with its members and sharing ample profiles with them and overcome with this drawback of authenticity, since 1993. Matrimonialvivah started with a small home setup and now re-formed and updated itself according to the new environment.

We have tie-ups with 250+Marriage Bureau(Matrimonial servi…