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Marriages in India

Recently, I read an article about how a girl thinks that she would not make a good "Indian bride" and gave her reasons for the same which I thought were laughable. But after researching a bit more I was shocked as to how right she was. For instance people in India still expect the girl to take the boy's surname for no other reason than to stoke their own ego. The girl HAS to be well educated but after her marriage she should sit at home and give up her career for which she has worked her whole life. What kind of bullshit is that? Marriage advertisements have become nothing short of a sale. They read "Young girl, 25 years in age, beautiful, educated, good cook, has Indian values, does not have male friends". Of course because if a girl has friends other than girls she can only be a loose character kind of girl can't she? Is this the face of modern India? India has evolved to become the most hypocrite country of the world. We ramble on about how advanced we h…