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Do You Think Accepting Help is a Sign of Weakness.

While it may sound simple enough, accepting help is something that is extremely challenging for all of us at one time or another. It can be especially hard for those of us that believe that seeking help undermines our independence and our ability to cope. However the truth is that by refusing to accept help we ignore the fact that we are social beings who need to co-operate with one another in order to ensure that we thrive.

Seeing taking help from others as a weakness is often a very ingrained pattern of thinking and may be hard to overcome. However there are ways of changing how you think. The following suggestions may help you overcome seeing accepting help as a sign of weakness and allow you to develop a healthier sense of interdependence with those around you.

1.Re-think that asking for help is a sign of weakness Why
There are many possible reasons that might be influencing your reluctance to seek help from others, and it is important to try and narrow down exactly what reasons app…